Gourmand Purveyors provides the discriminating food enthusiast with specialty hot sauces, condiments, and drink mixes. Everything found in our collection is a one of a kind original. Our African Rhino brand features the exotic Peri Peri Pepper native to The Kalahari Desert. Blue Agave Tequila from the land of the Aztec, is infused into our fiery Cafe Tequila products, and our Crying Buddha sauces are made with the scorching Naga Bhut Jolokia chili pepper, straight from the heart of the orient.

Savor the Soul of Africa’s Great Thirstland!


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The exotic Peri Peri is Africa’s hottest Chili Pepper, so bold that we named our gourmet Rhino Sauce for the great and powerful Keitloa, the ancient and extinct Blue Rhinoceros. The Peri Peri grows wild in the arid conditions of the Kalahari Desert producing a pepper of incredible quality that compliments dishes without over powering them. Instead Rhino Sauce transforms any gourmet dish, with it’s slow rising heat and slightly lemony flavor. Our exceptional Rhino Sauces are blended with fine ingredients like roasted garlic, onions and tomatoes, including uncommon spices that make African Rhino Peri Peri Sauce a bona fide treat.


Back With A Vengeance!


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Diehard hot sauce fans will well remember the volcanic impact Café TequilaProducts had when they erupted on the gourmet scene back in the mid 90’s. Gourmand Purveyors has resurrected this multi award winner and offers it exclusively to world-wide fiery food fans. An all natural product blended from roasted peppers, garlic, cilantro, and lime, Café Tequila Fire Roasted Cayenne is infused with pure blue agave tequila, giving it exceptional flavor and authenticity. Be the first to acquire a bottle of Café Tequila for your collection, pick up one for a friend, and savor the fearless vengeance of the Mayan Warrior.